Studying Interior Design at The Manchester Metropolitan University.

Blog includes my personal interests and my studio linked work.

coloured balustrades

i think im going for a similar approach for my stairs.

rainbows as a spiritual sense - colour

i really like the style of the first few drawings because they relate to my theme of spiritual 

here are some drawing styles that i may consider for my drawings

i was thinking about using colour on my stairs, because my space is quite spiritual , i could use this ideas of stain glass windows as balustrades. the fact that the lights in my hybrid are quite dim, it would be really interesting to include colour in this way. in addition the light above the tables  in the canteen on the first floor are also in coloured to make the food look appealing.

here is another sample design for my ceiling, i really like the layered idea of it. but i am not cover the whole ceiling with wood. maybe parts of the ceiling could be layered with wood panels.